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Aviation Facilities

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The Consortium takes pleasure in introducing you to the various aviation related services that have been provided to both government and private clients since the firm's establishment in 1979.

The Consortium offers a unique opportunity for its clients to receive the foremost expertise in the analysis and valuation of aviation facilities. Expert witness testimony, value-engineering services, and specialized studies are provided to clients of the Consortium.

The goal of the Consortium is to provide a high level of expertise that incorporates professional skills, education and historical knowledge from inter-related facets of the industry.

Expert Witness Services
Harry W. Collison, Jr., President, and Philip F. Wood, MAI, SRPA, serve as expert witnesses in issues related to the aviation industry including valuation, ad valorem taxation, sales and use taxation, lease and concession analysis, eminent domain, relocation and construction matters. Messieurs Collison and Wood have over 45 years of combined trial experience as expert witnesses.

Value Engineering Services
Our staff offers significant contributions in the Airport Master Planning Process by assisting planners and airport executives in the development of planning documents that maximize the concession income capabilities and ancillary airport land development profits. Our expertise assists in establishing locations, configurations and sizes that produce the greatest possible market demand for concession and lease spaces. This service also assists in producing a site plan that meets the current market demands of airport-related users who desire to locate in and around airport facilities.

Appraisal Services
The valuation of aviation facilities requires a special expertise. That expertise is provided through the Consortium. Valuation assignments include land acquisition for airport expansion, economic rent estimates of retail and service concessions, rental car counter and turnaround facilities, aircraft hangars, engine shops, FBO's, aircraft aprons, parking facilities, etc.